Dr. Kemal ÇELİK discusses the CARE-T-FARMS project and it's presence in Turkey.



We invite you to read the content of the third Newsletter on the project. 

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We invite you to read the content of the second Newsletter on the Project. 


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We invite you to read the content of the first newsletter. Project.

The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów, Kraków Branch, has launched an international project called Care Activities Raising Employment and Training on Farm Adaptation to Responsible and Mental-health Services (CARE-T-FARMS) co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training (KA202). The project is carried out in cooperation with organisations from Belgium, Spain, Poland, Turkey and Italy. The duration of the project is 24 months, from 01.11.2017 to 31.10.2019. This is another activity undertaken by CDR O/Krakow for the development of social agriculture in Poland.